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English-Hindi > yanker" sentence in Hindi

yanker in a sentence

41.The two created the television show " Crank Yankers " for Comedy Central, which revived the Mr . Birchum character . ( The show premiered in 2002 on Comedy Central and returned to MTV2 on February 9, 2007, running again until March 30, 2007.

42.The following year in 2004, Eminem and Florentine did a bit together on the MTV Music awards show where Eminem beat up Special Ed, who kept annoying him ( and tore his leg off ) . " Crank Yankers " lasted three seasons on Comedy Central.

43.After the release of " Terrorizing Telemarketers Volume 2 " in late 2001, Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Carolla took a liking to Florentine's prank calls and hired him for a show to debut in June 2002 on Comedy Central called " Crank Yankers ".

44.Dameshek moved on to write for the second and third seasons of Comedy Central's " Crank Yankers ", co-created by Kimmel and Carolla, as well as for " I'm With Busey " and " Trigger Happy TV ".

45."Crank Yankers, " a show also produced by Kimmel, Carolla and Kellison, in which prank phone calls are re-enacted by puppets, recently made its bow and averages a respectable million-plus viewers at 10 : 30 p . m . Sundays on Comedy Central.

46.Thatcher has also written episodes for the Cartoon Network series " Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends " and directed episodes of Nickelodeon's series " LazyTown ", PBS "'Sid the Science Kid " and Comedy Central's " Crank Yankers ".

47."' Brent Bradshaw "'is a television writer and performer who has contributed to such programs as The Man Show, The MTV Movie Awards, Comedy Central's Crank Yankers, The Andy Milonakis Show, Adult Swim on Cartoon Network, and NBC's Last Call with Carson Daly.

48.His humor falls on the wry, self-deprecating end of the spectrum, although at the University of Southern California's film school he was more of a prankster, using a final project to commit a sort of proto-" Crank Yankers " stunt in which he taped himself making joke phone calls to a sizable portion of the student body.

49.Crank Yankers : Jimmy Kimmel, who now has a " real " job as a late-night host on ABC ( well, OK, sorta real ) and his " Man Show " colleague . MDNM / Adam Carolla concocted this Comedy Central entry in which real comedians make fake phone calls to real people, and the results are played out by uppets in the town of Yankerville.

50.He branched out into acting with a voice over career lending voice to " Saturday Night Live " s irreverent, " TV Funhouse ", Ritz Crackers, " The Moodsters ", " The American Music Awards ", Coca-Cola, McDonald's, Crank Yankers and a puppeteering career creating characters for The Jim Henson Company, Pixar, MTV, Disney and Comedy Central.

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