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English-Hindi > yardage" sentence in Hindi

yardage in a sentence

21.They have no offensive or defensive league yardage leaders, though.

22.They don't give up a lot of run yardage.

23.Bills ( 4 ) _ total rushing yardage vs . Tennessee.

24.He piles up the yardage, without breaking the long ones.

25.They combined for 33 tackles for lost yardage, 17 sacks.

26.Allen is used for short yardage and goal-line plays.

27.They relinquished plenty of yardage to Kordell Stewart and the Steelers.

28.Oklahoma had 16 plays resulting in no gain or negative yardage.

29.The key against them is to make yardage on first down,

30.The yardage is piling up on us in the passing game,

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