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English-Hindi > yardage" sentence in Hindi

yardage in a sentence

41.You try to hack it out, give yourself a yardage.

42.Bryant told others on the sideline, referring to the yardage.

43.So much besides yardage is gained and lost on third down.

44.I am still getting positive yardage when I have an opportunity.

45.He bowled over safety Phillip Bland to pick up more yardage.

46.Sapp has been playing tight end in short-yardage situations.

47.His yardage was always there, but so were his fumbles.

48.The Packers enjoyed a 255-123 edge in passing yardage.

49.The Cornhuskers had a whopping 196-52 advantage in yardage.

50.His passing yardage was the most allowed by a Clemson team.

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