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English-Hindi > yeti" sentence in Hindi

yeti in a sentence

21.Gates presented Rohde with a cast of the " Yeti " footprint.

22.According to local legend, the surrounding valley is inhabited by Yeti.

23.The Yeti quickly kills her and Sheppard as the team run off.

24.The Yeti appears and Keith chases it into the woods.

25.On the album cover, a yeti hovers in the lotus position.

26.The Pink Team won the challenge with Blonde Baller tackling the Yeti.

27.It was the first Bollywood film with a yeti theme.

28.Zoidberg forces him to swallow the yeti gland, successfully curing him.

29.He is an alien with a yeti-like appearance.

30.Yeti consoles her saying that true love lies in sacrifice.

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