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English-Hindi > zambezi" sentence in Hindi

zambezi in a sentence

21.This was the end of Islamic influence in the Zambezi-Shire valley.

22.Funding was boosted for cross-border conservation along the Zambezi in 2008.

23.The province's far east is where the Cuando meets the Zambezi.

24.In 1905 he again visited the region between the Zambezi and Sabi rivers.

25.Administration north of the Zambezi was rudimentary before 1901.

26.It merges with the deeper Zambezi at Luangwa town.

27.Moving from Cape Town, Bishop Mackenzie sailed up the Zambezi and Yao.

28.The province lies in the watershed between DR Congo and Zambezi river systems.

29.Zambezi Airport is the only airport in the province.

30.It lies on the watershed between the Chambeshi River in the Zambezi basin.

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