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English-Hindi > zaniest" sentence in Hindi

zaniest in a sentence

21.While tremendously profitable, the show isn't nearly overexposed enough; hence its continued success as the zaniest Zeitgeist on prime time.

22.Many of the zaniest stories are from Yosemite, which gets 4 million visitors each year, some from the farthest reaches of the world.

23."You could see little bumps where his breasts were, " she says in one of the saddest, zaniest lines ever written.

24.I summarize this theory with caution, since Virilio develops it through that mixture of hyperbole and non sequitur which is French scholarship at its zaniest.

25.Remember, this is the team that hired two of the zaniest and most volatile managers of all time in the late Billy Martin and Doug Rader.

26.In the movie's running joke _ one of the zaniest comic conceits Allen has ever dreamed up _ Val directs the picture despite his blindness.

27.For the past decade this zaniest of stand-up comics has been stepping, at times self-consciously, into the relatively unzany literary world.

28.The rain-soaked Brazilian Grand Prix won by Finland's Kimi Raikkonen on Sunday was one of the zaniest Formula One races in recent history.

29.Wigstock turned 11 this year, and of all of New York's myriad street festivals, this is surely the zaniest, funniest and most deliberately tasteless.

30.In the off-season, O'Leary and teammate Germany Schaefer, known as one of baseball's zaniest characters, worked as a comic vaudeville act.

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