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English-Hindi > zaniest" sentence in Hindi

zaniest in a sentence

41.And here along the Gulf of Mexico, the competitors in one of the nation's largest and arguably its zaniest sand-sculpturing contest all had but one aim : to win the coveted Golden Bucket award.

42.But perhaps the zaniest time-zone story belongs to Murray, who was the general manager of a hockey team in Germany three years ago at the same time he was coaching a high school team in Minnesota.

43.One of the zaniest, most engaging pieces of public sculpture in Manhattan right now is Donald Lipski's " Yearling " ( 1992 ), in Doris Freedman Plaza at the southeastern edge of Central Park.

44.Certain familiar scenes are inevitably revisited, like the shooting of the patriarch called Don Cortino . ( Lloyd Bridges, to whose memory the film is dedicated, again showed how wonderfully sporting and debonair he could be under the zaniest circumstances .)

45.Properties will be judged each night and the following awards will be given : Keys Energy Award ( most lights ); Currier & Ives Award ( most traditional ) and Key West Funk Award ( zaniest or most typical of Key West ).

46.It took place Tuesday night, with a special on the Fox Network called " Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Millionaire ?, " the latest offbeat real-life format to shake up a network television season that is already one of the zaniest in memory.

47.In fact, there's not a dud in the ensemble, which also includes Amy Hohn, Lee Wilkof and Robert Ari, who are responsible for the evening's zaniest elements of show-business satire, and Bruce W . Coyle, who plays the mood-setting piano pieces.

48.The zaniest sequence finds the duo blundering into a small-town gay pride march and falling in step with a marching band whose members, costumed like cookie-cutter Dorothys from " The Wizard of Oz, " are strutting to a martial arrangement of " Over the Rainbow ."

49.Get in, however, and there is that spontaneous eruption of unbridled emotion _ the kind of feel-good cameo by an elated bubblicious team that goes far to affirm that the NCAA tourney is one of the biggest, zaniest, funnest, let-' er-rip sporting events in the galaxy.

50.Tours have become a big favorite with visitors and residents in Key West, where lighted guest houses are judged in three categories : Keys Energy Award ( most lights ); Currier & Ives Award ( most traditional ); and Key West Funk Award ( zaniest or most typical of Key West ).

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