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English-Hindi > zaragoza" sentence in Hindi

zaragoza in a sentence

11.Zaragoza was the WBC bantamweight champion for three months in 1985.

12.The results left Zaragoza with 10 points and Salamanca with four.

13.Atletico de Madrid-Zaragoza wraps up the round on Monday.

14.Javier Aguado scored a compensation goal for Zaragoza in the 80th.

15.Midtable Zaragoza trounced lowly Villarreal 4-0 from four headers.

16.In late games Zaragoza was hosting Sevilla and Betis faced Espanyol.

17.Zaragoza meets Silkeborg of Denmark in the UEFA cup on Thursday.

18.Acuna in the 64th minute was Zaragoza's sole reply.

19.Madrid plays Zaragoza, Valencia faces Osasuna and Deportivo meets Tenerife.

20.Zaragoza's Paraguayan international midfielder Roberto " Toro"

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