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English-Hindi > zaragoza

zaragoza meaning in Hindi

zaragoza sentence in Hindi
1.Zaragoza's case hasn't been heard from since.

2.Miguel scored twice for Zaragoza in the 32nd and 67th minutes.

3.The team with the best outlook this weekend may be Zaragoza.

4.Real Zaragoza ( Spain ) vs . Feyenoord Rotterdam ( Netherlands)

5.Real Zaragoza ( Spain ) 3, Chelsea ( England ) 0

6.Zaragoza, 37, is bidding for a fourth world title.

7.Yet a second defensive set up Zaragoza's second goal.

8.The result left Zaragoza with 26 points while Oviedo has 23.

9.On Saturday, Espanyol drew 1-1 away against Zaragoza.

10.Zaragoza and Athletic Bilbao played to a 1-1 tie.

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