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English-Hindi > zealotry" sentence in Hindi

zealotry in a sentence

21.The anti-immigrant zealotry that was evident in 1996 may have abated.

22.That's for Littlefield, Colo . Zealotry that turns to conflagration?

23.But ( today ) we confuse zealotry with patriotism.

24.This interpretation has been lost amid centuries of scientific skepticism and fundamentalist zealotry.

25.He later accused the activists of supporting terrorism and " mad zealotry ."

26.He consistently deplores Pat Buchanan's zealotry.

27.Though he had relied on pro-lifers, their zealotry made him uncomfortable.

28.In other words, zealotry can't abide critical thought and common sense.

29.And the mindset toward those who do can assume a zealotry that is absurd.

30.So maybe there are harmless degrees of the zealotry that he considers inevitably totalitarian.

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