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English-Hindi > zealotry" sentence in Hindi

zealotry in a sentence

31."I don't view any of these as zealotry,"

32.Ashcroft's zealotry clashes with Bush's pledge to be a healer.

33.He is prone to excess and zealotry, but his heart is always good.

34.This misguided zealotry is now being revisited upon the book's celluloid recreation.

35.The producer Mike Medavoy said Gibson's religious zealotry made him feel uncomfortable.

36.Other Frenchmen accuse Bush of a messianic zealotry.

37.Ujaama's conversion : A passion for business, then zealotry for Islam.

38.In comparison to Catholic colonial powers there was a lesser degree of missionary zealotry.

39.Faced with a congressional inquiry into his travel-office zealotry, Kennedy recently quit.

40.I think the age of zealotry in these cases is a thing of the past,

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