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English-Hindi > zeals" sentence in Hindi

zeals in a sentence

11.Simon Abkarian plays the neighborhood smart-aleck with arrogant zeal.

12.Perhaps Goldwater also had forgotten the zeal of his own campaign.

13.Coverdell said that he hasn't lost his reformist zeal.

14.His zeal to get a bill approved set off a stampede.

15.This doting zeal can lead Lovell often to become zanily defensive.

16.Still, zeal might not be enough for the glucose sensor.

17.I am convinced he is acting purely out of feminist zeal.

18.But he has also struck back at his accusers with zeal.

19.But Nader's zeal has put him beyond such concerns.

20.Farmers applaud the zeal, but wish it had come sooner.

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