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English-Hindi > zeals

zeals meaning in Hindi

zeals sentence in Hindi
1.Steve Turpin touts coffee with the zeal of a converted abstainer.

2.Their intolerant zeal finds its match at the opposite political pole.

3.The prosecution, in their zeal and their obsession to win,

4.Dr . Godfrey Oakley has the zeal of a religious fanatic.

5.She tackles it with something of the missionary's zeal.

6.But suddenly Austin was a hot-bed of revolutionary zeal.

7.All hooked brookies with zeal _ a sight-fishing bonanza.

8.But none matches this one for sheer chutzpah and irresistible zeal.

9.Even Rep . Martinez, in his zeal, says so.

10.But the reformist zeal of the Republican leadership had its limits.

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