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English-Hindi > seed

seed meaning in Hindi

pronunciation: [ si:d ]  sound:  
verb past tense: seeded   verb past participle: seeded   noun plural: seeds   verb present participle: seeding   
seed sentence in Hindi
• सन्तान
• अंडा
• खिलाड़ी
• आरंभ
• औलाद
• जन्म
• जाति
• दाना
• नसल
• बीज वाला
• प्रारंभ
• बीज
• मूल
• वंश
• वीर्य
• शुक्र
• संतति
• संतान
• अंकुर
• बीज वाला
• छाँटना
• बीज उत्पन्न करना
• बीज डालना
• बीज निकालना
• बोना
• बीज लग्ना
• छॉंटना
• बीज ब्ना
1.The seeds might be adultrated; so get it tested.
बीज मिलावटी हो सकता है;इसलिए इसका परिक्षण करायें।

2.Kabir is famous in the name of the collection of the 'seed'
कबीर की वाणी का संग्रह बीजक के नाम से प्रसिद्ध है।

3.The seeds were sown in water , The creaper grew in the backyard ,
धार में बीजे खीरे , धर के पीछे ऊगी बेल .

4.Boil Bengal gram seeds and mix with Jaggery
चनेकी दाल उबालके गुडके साथ मिलाके पिस ले।

5.And here is the once-in-40-year opportunity to garner bamboo seeds .
बांस के बीज को जमा करने के लिए यह अवसर 40 साल बाद आया है .

6.Character robotics could plant the seed
चरित्र वाली रोबोटिक्स बीज रोपित कर सकती है

7.Mumbai in March 1993 was the seed from which New York 2001 was born .
मार्च 1993 की मुंबई की घटना 2001 की न्यूयॉर्क की घटना का बीज थी .

8.Gautami went from house to house in search of the handful of mustard seed .
किसी गौतमी सरसों के दाने मांगने शहर के प्रत्येक घर गयी .

9.This could be the seeds of hope for our future.
यह भविष्य की आशा के बीज हो सकते हैं |

10.At which time we succumbed to the cult of the seed;
पाषाण युग ने हमें कृषि प्रदान की,

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the thick white fluid containing spermatozoa that is ejaculated by the male genital tract
Synonyms: semen, seminal fluid, ejaculate, cum, come,

anything that provides inspiration for later work
Synonyms: source, germ,

one of the outstanding players in a tournament
Synonyms: seeded player,

a mature fertilized plant ovule consisting of an embryo and its food source and having a protective coat or testa

a small hard fruit

remove the seeds from; "seed grapes"

inoculate with microorganisms

sprinkle with silver iodide particles to disperse and cause rain; "seed clouds"

distribute (players or teams) so that outstanding teams or players will not meet in the early rounds

place (seeds) in or on the ground for future growth; "She sowed sunflower seeds"
Synonyms: sow,

go to seed; shed seeds; "The dandelions went to seed"

bear seeds

help (an enterprise) in its early stages of development by providing seed money

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