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bigamists sentence in Hindi

"bigamists" meaning in Hindi
  • "I guess he made me a bigamist, but he didn't mean to, I know.
  • Laine was born to mismatched, racially diverse parents; her mother, she cheerfully admits, was a bigamist.
  • Women bigamists usually are separated and waiting for a divorce to be formalized when they rush into an illegal marriage.
  • The Mormons _ the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints _ rejected polygamy in 1890 and excommunicated bigamists.
  • Moreover, he was involved in two more ( bigamist ) morganatic marriages : with Sophie Juliane Gr�fin von D�nhoff.
  • McDougall argues that female bigamists were not as harshly punished due to women's perceived absence of moral agency.
  • Within a month after her adoption of his name Worthington was exposed as an embezzler and multi-state bigamist.
  • Kerry's storylines have included trying to repair her relationship with daughter bigamist on her wedding day to Dan.
  • They scripted numerous sign languages and indirect excuses to prevent the wives from knowing that Chow is a definite bigamist.
  • As a result, people who believed they had been legally divorced and then remarried may be bigamists, prosecutors said.
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