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bring an action sentence in Hindi

"bring an action" meaning in Hindibring an action in a sentence
  • If the plaintiff had discharged a liability of the defendant by paying money to a third party, the plaintiff would bring an action for money paid to the defendant's use.
  • The Lords rejected the interim case of " Khorasandjian v Bush ", where it had been found that no proprietary interest in a property was required to bring an action.
  • Moreover, he said, whoever buys that interest could then bring an action for partition that could result in the sale of the entire property and the dispossession of the non-debtor spouse.
  • Vacco does not have the authority to force Niagara Mohawk and Utilities Mutual to pay Manning, but his office can bring an action before any of several government forums on Manning's behalf.
  • The purchaser / seller requirement is the requirement that, to bring an action under 10b-5, a private plaintiff must be either a buyer or a seller of the company's stock.
  • The law, JTM said, doesn't permit someone " merely because of marital status, to bring an action solely because of alleged adverse treatment of that person's spouse ."
  • :The next step is to bring an action for oppressive or unfair conduct on the basis that the conduct of the company's affairs is contrary to the interests of its members as a whole.
  • Should the beneficiary find the contractor in default, he can immediately seek compensation by demanding on the guarantee and it is the account party who is forced to bring an action to recover any disputed amount.
  • Yet, if this action is well founded, it means that in every one of these cases the insurance company can turn round and bring an action in the name of the employer against the servant.
  • In 1675, Fagg was at the centre of an intense storm concerning parliamentary privilege, when a Dr Thomas Shirley sought to bring an action against him in the House of Lords concerning a property matter.
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