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commun sentence in Hindi

"commun" meaning in Hindicommun in a sentence
  • J'etais dans une cellule avec trois " droit commun ", mais ils n'ont jamais paru etre utilises contre moi.
  • Mortimer wrote that'. . In March 2010, the Centre d'Etat-Major commun Op�rationel Conjoint ( CEMOC ) was established '.
  • The southeast side of the square, facing the Casa del Commun Tesoro, is the National Library of Malta, commonly known as the Bibliotheca.
  • In response, Song gets a note from the British consulate attesting that EH Carr was a British ambassador, not a commun-ist ideologue.
  • The line is maintained by Service des Transports en Commun de l'Agglom�ration Rennaise ( STAR ), and managed by Keolis ( an SNCF group company ).
  • This division was derived from CNET, the Centre commun d'�tudes de t�l�vision et t�l�communications ( CCETT, created in 1972 ) as well as other entities.
  • A broadly neutralising antibody, which binds to the influenza A strains, is shown to be produced by human memory B cells . " Nat Commun"
  • Capsid protein assemblies of beak and feather disease virus, which infects endangered parrot species, are visualised by X-ray crystallography . " Nat Commun"
  • The age of entropy . " Communications : The European Journal of Communication Research " 32, doi : 10.1515 / COMMUN . 2007.004.
  • In 1708, Malta's first proper postal service was established, and a room within the Casa del Commun Tesoro became the island's first post office.
  • Antibodies to Lagos bat virus and henipaviruses are found in straw-coloured fruit bats ( " Eidolon helvum " ) across Africa . " Nat Commun"
  • One tiny clutch waves anti-media posters, one reading, " Commun-ism, Social-ism, Journal-ism : Fear Liberal Media Manipulation ."
  • He wrote " And yn the old tyme the commune saying ys that the bridge where the commun passage was over the Tamise was lower on the ryver then it is now.
  • The "'Compagnie des Transports en commun de Neuch�tel et environs "'( TN ) is a public transport operator in and around the Swiss city of Neuch�tel.
  • There are 14 operating Class I wells in Arkansas : 4 hazardous and 10 nonhazardous wells ( Linda Hanson, Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality, oral commun ., 2013 ).
  • On 1 April 1849, the Island Post Office was also transferred from the Casa del Commun Tesoro to the Banca Giuratale, which later became known as the General Post Office.
  • Beirut has frequent bus connections to other cities in Lebanon and major Office des Chemins de Fer et des Transports en Commun ( OCFTC  " Railway and Public Transportation Authority " ).
  • Government-owned buses are managed by le Office des Chemins de Fer et des Transports en Commun ( OCFTC ), or the " Railway and Public Transportation Authority " in English.
  • In 1902, the French introduced from France London planes ( " le platane commun " ) as a roadside tree on Avenue Joffre ( present-day Huaihai Road ).
  • The first building constructed specifically for the campus is the " P�le commun de recherche en informatique " ( Joint Research Cluster Computing ), which was inaugurated in November 2011.
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