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commun sentence in Hindi

"commun" meaning in Hindicommun in a sentence
  • -- Rogers Cantel Mobile Commun . ( RCN US ) was downgraded to " neutral " from " outperform " by analyst John M . Bensche at Lehman Brothers.
  • The first proper postal service was set up by the Order in 1708, and the service was carried out at the Casa del Commun Tesoro ( now the Casino Maltese ) in Valletta.
  • At first, unable to meet his protector Boisseuilh, yet unemployed and short of coin, Charles-Louis is forced to stay at the Pelican Inn, close to the Grand Commun.
  • Desgagn�s was co-orindator of the Front commun des personnes assist�es sociales du Qu�bec ( Common Front of Quebec Social Assistance Recipients ) in the early 1990s and again from 1996 to 2004.
  • The band itself has produced stand-alone visual art to accompany their music such as for the Sleeveface photo exhibit and " Covers and Sleevefaces " release at Lieu Commun in Toulouse, France.
  • In contrast, preliminary analysis using mitochondrial DNA techniques suggest that genetically distinct populations of Pacific ocean perch exist ( A . J . Gharrett pers . commun ., University of Alaska Fairbanks, October 2000 ).
  • In March 1983, Mitterrand did a U-turn by cancelling the parts of " Programme commun " that had been already passed, which was sometimes referred to as the " austerity turn ".
  • Soucy acknowledges that some French fascist movements ( such as Gaston Bergery's Front Commun and Marcel D�at's " Neo-Socialists " ) were more left than right ( if only for short periods ).
  • This problem was the subject of his book " Les philosophes de la R�publique " ( 1998 ) published by Les �ditions de Minuit in the collection " Sens commun " ( compiled by Pierre Bourdieu ).
  • II, Note compl�mentaire ?l �tude sur le droit commun d association par Eug�ne Baudoux et Henri Lambert ? in Journal des Tribunaux, n?2204, 16 janvier 1908, col . 52-56 .-376
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