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naked power sentence in Hindi

"naked power" meaning in Hindi
  • This pursuit of naked power and utter lack of liberalism distinguishes the Party from previous tyrannies, though the Party initially justifies its control through dedication to socialism.
  • It must make the partisans of democracy uneasy to behold a political environment in which the naked power of money has been so plainly decisive in the electoral arena,
  • On the other hand, this might just be a naked power play by an arrogant group of money worshipers, or even a struggle for control of the union.
  • Clinton called the bill an " an exercise of raw naked power, " saying he would insist on a " clean " stopgap bill with no conditions.
  • As an example of naked power, Russell recalls the story of Agathocles, the son of a potter who became the tyrant of Syracuse . ( Russell 1938 : 69 72)
  • A top Republican who supported the appeal told me this week that the decision could be useful in changing the longstanding legislative mentality of making school aid a matter of naked power politics.
  • Whatever its intentions, the power of the revolutionary tends to either devolve back into naked power over time, or else to transform into traditional power ( Russell 1938 : 82 ).
  • The process by which an organisation achieves sufficient prominence that it is able to exercise naked power can be described as " the rule of three phases " ( Russell 1938 : 63 ).
  • This was seen by many as a naked power grab, and his popularity plummeted, to the point that he had to resort to a purely technocratic cabinet in the absence of any congressional support.
  • McCormack, furious at what he considered a naked power grab by the Kennedys, pointed a finger at Kennedy and said : " If his name was Edward Moore, his candidacy would be a joke.
  • Olympian Gwen Torrence, shown from the waist up, and wearing only a pair of hoop earrings, appears on the cover of the July " Life " magazine under the words " Naked Power ."
  • The naked power politics and laughable distortions of gerrymandered districts are often offered as proof of a legislature's inability to police itself, and in several states the courts have stepped in to resolve disputes between the political parties.
  • Will Brown, who will be San Francisco's first black mayor, be able to rule the charming but troubled city with the same naked power and silky panache that, in three decades in Sacramento, made him a national legislative legend?
  • "It's a show of naked power, " said Jeffrey Tarter, publisher of Softletter, an industry newsletter based in Cambridge, Mass . Tarter said that only a company with the market dominance of Microsoft would have dared such a move.
  • I am sorry to be a bit agressive towards CBW but s / he made me react that way and I hope s / he also realizes that we should be encouraging people rather than just showing naked power to whatever one deems it fit to do . ends]
  • Russell argues that naked power arises within a government under certain social conditions : when two or more fanatical creeds are contending for governance, and when all foreign conquest, the creation of stability, and / or the rise of a new religion ( Russell 1938 : 74 ).
  • In the book, she launched a broadside _ an attack she has pursued relentlessly ever since _ against Roe v . Wade, not only for its outcome in finding a constitutional right to abortion, but for what she considers the high court's naked power grab to fulfill a political agenda.
  • They said the plan, which would take effect with this election and make Colorado the first state to award electors'votes proportionally, on the basis of the statewide popular count, was a naked power grab by Democrats to help Sen . John Kerry in a place no one then thought he could win.
  • Already disgruntled over the size of the piece of the cake reserved for them in the settlement, members of the Krahn ethnic group, a small but battle-hardened people who were the backbone of Doe's army, needed little persuasion to rally behind the latest bold leader pulling the oldest maneuver in Liberian politics : the naked power play.
  • He says that politicians like the sponsor of the " indecency " provision, Sen . James Exon, D .-Neb ., " have used people's fear and ignorance about the Internet to make a naked power grab, to set a new standard for what citizens of this country are allowed to communicate to each other.
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