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naked power sentence in Hindi

"naked power" meaning in Hindi
  • Russell makes a distinction between traditional, revolutionary, and naked forms of psychological influence . ( Russell 1938 : 27 ) These psychological types overlap with the forms of influence in some respects : for instance, " naked power " can be reduced to coercion alone . ( Russell 1938 : 63 ) But the other types are distinct units of analysis, and require separate treatments.
  • The administration's actions influenced U . S . Steel to rescind the price increase . " The Wall Street Journal " wrote that the administration had acted " by naked power, by threats, by agents of the state security police . " Yale law professor Charles Reich opined in " The New Republic " that the administration had violated civil liberties by calling a grand jury to indict U . S . Steel for collusion so quickly.
  • One of his well-known biographies, " Alexander Maconochie of Norfolk Island ", which he wrote in 1958 about Alexander Maconochie ( penal reformer ), was described as " a fascinating tale . . . Justice Barry has permeated it with warmth and understanding . " Authoring the biography on John Price, " The Life and Death of John Price : A Study in the Exercise of Naked Power ", Barry was also a contributor to the " Australian Law Journal " as well as the " Australian Dictionary of Biography ".
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