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sadden sentence in Hindi

"sadden" meaning in Hindi
  • It still saddens me that my daughter will always have to struggle.
  • It saddens me to see the party playing endless politics with God.
  • In an odd way it saddens me more than makes me angry.
  • He knows everything and it saddens him and weakens him,
  • It saddens me that a person who was hit is accusing me,
  • It deeply saddens us that some people have interpreted the aim differently.
  • "It certainly saddens the diocese, " he said.
  • "It really saddens me to be treated this way.
  • I could have done more, that's what saddens me.
  • Esther is infatuated with Everell, which saddens Hope greatly.
  • All these factors sadden Jingjing and she wants to leave Yun Xiang.
  • It saddens me so deeply that things didn't work out.
  • However she protects Kana as her death would sadden Rikuo.
  • But it saddens me a little to see it go.
  • What saddens me is that his ambition got the better of his judgment.
  • The real truth is sad and would sadden anyone,
  • Other composers thrill, sadden, exalt, bore, irritate or amuse.
  • As a black American, this deeply saddens me.
  • But he was a uniquely interesting man, and his death saddens me.
  • It saddens me very much to return for this,
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