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scoundrels sentence in Hindi

"scoundrels" meaning in Hindi
  • His father, " a scoundrel and a womanizer,"
  • Oh, yes, the scoundrels in Hollywood, too.
  • No, the Nixonites were scoundrels of the first order.
  • Jose Canseco is now hooted for being the scoundrel that he is.
  • He was an ambitious scoundrel on his way to the White House.
  • These novels have titles like " Lord of Scoundrels,"
  • I never wage war with anybody, let alone with these scoundrels.
  • He is more a Southern gentleman than a Southern scoundrel.
  • Identifying who the scoundrels are helps keep the markets safe for investors.
  • "AMERICAN SCOUNDREL, " by Thomas Keneally.
  • On the other, who wants to associate with scoundrels?
  • And Saddam must be bottled up in a scoundrel's isolation.
  • "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels " is a shiny gem polished to gleaming.
  • You know the dirty, rotten scoundrels I'm talking about.
  • I want to live long enough to see the scoundrels thrown out.
  • They'll break 100 victories when they throw the scoundrels out.
  • But with credits such as " Dirty Rotten Scoundrels,"
  • His film credits included " Death of a Scoundrel,"
  • On the matter, Remsen commented, " Fahlberg is a scoundrel.
  • Scoundrels is intelligent, bluesy, mature and unpredictable . . ."
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