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vacuum bag sentence in Hindi

"vacuum bag" meaning in Hindi
  • The role played by the vacuum bag's internal pressure can be critical in the consistent production of high-quality multi-ply composite parts.
  • For simple pieces of which relatively few copies are needed ( 1 2 per day ), a vacuum bag can be used.
  • Make sure to have plenty of vacuum bags on hand, especially if you choose Norway, for all the needles that will surely drop.
  • Mr . Burns imprisons Homer in a room, tied up, and returns Mona's ashes ( inside of a vacuum bag ), to Homer.
  • Many manufacturers are pushing one pervasive goal : prove vacuum bags should be dumped and that bagless models are the premier dirt-sucking solution.
  • After some time, they decided that the best method of featuring a vacuum bag was to have a cleaning lady vacuuming up the evidence.
  • Seems just as his wife was putting the finishing touches on the last room, she discovered there was a split in the disposable vacuum bag.
  • In accordance with the LADTAG recommendations to increase our evidence base, the LDTRP is conducting studies of Apollo spacesuits, filters, vacuum bags, and rock-collection boxes.
  • When the vacuum bag is almost full, Starr is able to use the Schwartz to reverse the robot's sucking action, returning the air to the planet.
  • The Maid gazes with a prim and proper painted face beneath a shock of curls and is outfitted with an apron pocket for spare vacuum bags.
  • The pong that emanated from the vestment as I tore them out of the vacuum bag my mother had insisted I put them in was perfect.
  • Dust with a damp cloth and vacuum weekly; special multilayer vacuum bags and electrostatically charged filters can help to keep allergens from blowing into the room air.
  • When multiple parts are processed, it may be beneficial to have a separate vacuum line for each, reducing the potential loss if one vacuum bag leaks during cure.
  • Workers from the Environmental Protection Agency also surveyed the building last year, using rayon swabs and gauze sponges to collect samples from surfaces, vacuum bags and air filters.
  • Vacuum bagging is widely used in the composites industry as well . fiberglass, along with resins and epoxies are common materials laminated together with a vacuum bag operation.
  • The idea of hiding the crucial piece of evidence in a vacuum bag had been on the writing table for years at the time that this episode was written.
  • In the liquid state, unsaturated polyester resins may be processed by numerous methods, including Hand Layup, vacuum bag molding, and spray-up and compression molded Sheet Molding Compound ( SMC ).
  • Manufacturing companies like Hoover did not want to license the design, probably because the vacuum bag market was worth $ 500m so the Dyson was a threat to their profits.
  • Given the airflow restrictions in the average lay-up and vacuum lines, even a complete vacuum bag failure may show up as little more than a small change in vacuum level.
  • Using today's latest composite technology incorporating epoxy by infusion, Clamarfloats vacuum bags carbon fiber, Kevlar and e-glass in an engineered design for strength, less weight, no corrosion and no leaks.
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