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vacuously sentence in Hindi

"vacuously" meaning in Hindi
  • Nineteen ninety-nine : The year of living vacuously?
  • Dissolute bluebottles hum vacuously in the fruity air.
  • Asymmetry is not the same thing as " not vacuously ) both symmetric and asymmetric.
  • It is vacuously true precisely because there are no values of that could serve as counterexamples.
  • Outside of mathematics, statements which can be characterized informally as vacuously true can be misleading.
  • The main antecedent is vacuously true.
  • The women titter vacuously at the beauty parlor and luncheon meetings of " the League ."
  • Axiom ( 3 ) becomes vacuously true under ( M3 ) and is therefore not needed in this context.
  • Therefore, Tur�n's result is vacuously true and cannot be used to help prove the Riemann hypothesis.
  • This requirement that the non-vacuously applicable rules must apply is the appearance checking aspect of such a grammar.
  • Some authors do not consider the empty set to be irreducible ( even though it vacuously satisfies the above conditions ).
  • It begins vacuously ( its first two sentences are :'It has been said that America is great because America is good.
  • A statement S is " vacuously true " if it resembles the statement P \ Rightarrow Q, where P is known to be false.
  • If there is no possible move, then the lemma is vacuously true ( and the first player loses the normal play game by definition ).
  • In pure mathematics, vacuously true statements are not generally of interest by themselves, but they frequently arise as the base case of proofs by mathematical induction.
  • Ionesco was suggesting that by vacuously repeating cliches instead of meaningful communication, his characters had lost their ability to think critically and were thus already partly rhinoceros.
  • The independent variable " x " does not appear on the right side of the function expression and so its value is " vacuously substituted ".
  • I have not forgotten that Wikipedia can back up its jibes only with empty, inflammatory rhetoric, the very thing it vacuously accuses its opponents of using.
  • A posetal category vacuously has all equalizers and coequalizers, whence it is ( finitely ) complete if and only if it has all ( finite ) products, and dually for cocompleteness.
  • Cousin's theorem states that for every gauge \ delta, such a \ delta-fine partition " P " does exist, so this condition cannot be satisfied vacuously.
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