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wafer sentence in Hindi

"wafer" meaning in Hindiwafer in a sentence
  • Zeneca will soon offer Zomig in a wafer and nasal spray.
  • A crisp chocolate wafer and two chocolate straws top it off.
  • The plates are used to produce integrated circuits on silicon wafers.
  • Let the chocolate wafer cool in the pan for 15 minutes.
  • Intel is developing technology to use 12-inch silicon wafers.
  • The elegantly understated suit looked like a giant chocolate Necco wafer.
  • He used Necco wafer candies as " bread ."
  • It should be layered with graham crackers, not vanilla wafers.
  • They simply describe the wafers and tablets as a dietary supplement.
  • This map can also be used during wafer assembly and packaging.
  • Compared to dedicated semiconductor foundries ( such as TSMC and wafer.
  • Hardware wafer space on the VLSI ASIC to include such circuitry.
  • The chips are then cut out of the wafer as normal.
  • Oxide is deposited on the wafer in the shape of trenches.
  • The developed wafer is then exposed to acids or other chemicals.
  • 2000 AMS set the foundation for the new 200mm Wafer factory.
  • Together they went back into the forest to find the wafer.
  • Pac-Man must eat the wafers while avoiding the ghosts.
  • Many wafers today are still tested one device at a time.
  • The wafers are thoroughly rinsed with deionized water between each step.
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