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wads sentence in Hindi

"wads" meaning in Hindiwads in a sentence
  • It was the largest wad of floss I had ever seen.
  • Some lyrical references ( " Tight Wad Hill,"
  • But prices range from loose change to a wad of bills.
  • The tissues were dry wads in a trash can by Friday.
  • Denorex offers him a wad of dough to endorse their goo!
  • Liston left with a big wad of soft-earned cash.
  • Campobasso reluctantly hands over a sizable wad of the fake money.
  • Others heckled the speakers by tossing wads of paper at them.
  • Kenneth Starr shot his wad with this politically inspired impeachment paper.
  • Do not flash wads of cash or stacks of credit cards.
  • With a big wad of money, a rubberband around it.
  • The track provides a big wad of cash for Macon County.
  • A politician's ? ) grasping a wad of cash.
  • Or is it her husband's big wad of cash?
  • Within moments a wad of money changes hands and they separate.
  • The wad of Swiss francs was as big as his fist.
  • One of the men then handed Jose a wad of cash.
  • Snafu wears a pith helmet and fondles a wad of cash.
  • The company wad active until the outbreak of World War II.
  • Seeing them proceed, Wad Bishara withdrew his forces to Dongola.
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