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English-Hindi > serration

serration meaning in Hindi

serration sentence in Hindi
1.The YF-23 has such serrations on the exhaust ports.

2.The serrations measure of the blade length on the true edge.

3.The specific name means " without tooth serrations " in Neolatin.

4.Their leading edge has only few serrations, near the tip.

5.Ovate lanceolate in shape with coarse serrations on the leaf edge.

6.Besides that the slide shape, dimensions and serrations have been altered.

7.The tips of the teeth were curved backward and lacked any serrations.

8.Eventually the points of the serrations will come into contact.

9.The serrations probably helped anchor an even larger keratin extension.

10.The bottom third of the leaf is without leaf serrations.

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a single notch in a row of notches; "one of the serrations was broken off"

a row of notches; "the pliers had serrations to improve the grip"

the condition of being serrated; "the serrations of a city skyline"

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