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English-Hindi > serums

serums meaning in Hindi

serums sentence in Hindi
• पानी
• लसी
• सीरम
• मेदा
• टीका
1.So Balto and friends bravely set out to fetch the serum.

2.The serum that remains is what is used in cholesterol tests.

3.There's also a $ 30 nail and cuticle serum.

4.The team's job is to create an invisibility serum.

5.France will provide the serum for the six-month program.

6."I've been taking my serum,"

7.Once that allowed him to receive badly needed syringes and serum.

8.The serum is separated and further purified and freeze-dried.

9.These include serum proteins and pattern recognition receptors ( PRRs ).

10.It does not release pus, only serum or serous fluid.

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