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English-Hindi > sharpish

sharpish meaning in Hindi

sharpish sentence in Hindi
1.The front of the columella is rather oblique, sharpish, and twisted.

2.If I were a West End producer, I'd book this sharpish ."

3.As this is a copyrighted image it cannot exist on commons and will presumably be deleted from there sharpish.

4.You can walk on it, carefully, but not if it is over crushed stone or any sharpish objects.

5.If you choose to go it alone, and he reoffends you'd better be willing to block him yourself sharpish.

6.And springing from these some sinuous oblique and slightly irregular longitudinal puckerings appear on the body whorl, which is nearly bisected by the sharpish, slightly expressed, finely tubercled carina.

7.He was described by his Norfolk teammate Henry Blofeld as " a jolly good competitor, an enormously strong man who was a formidable striker of the ball and bowled a sharpish fast-medium ."

8.However this article doesn't have one independent WP : RS on it, so it has to go ( unless fixed, sharpish ) . talk ) 14 : 47, 12 September 2011 ( UTC)

9.So here's the secret : besides the usual cream and a bit of parmesan, besides a few garden-variety potatoes and a few early turnips to add a sharpish accent, Scalley uses several Hayman potatoes.

10.I think actually the coldest place is in the east of Russia it gets a bit sharpish there in the winter but I am not sure it makes much sense . talk ) 22 : 42, 13 May 2016 ( UTC)

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