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shithead sentence in Hindi

"shithead" meaning in Hindishithead in a sentence
  • And now there is the shithead mail and VM and Molobo at K�nigsberg.
  • If these rules are used, the game will be almost identical to Shithead.
  • Players may adapt this so that the shithead is also required to fulfill a forfeit.
  • Joey Shithead, was the singer, Brian Roy Goble, a . k . a.
  • It's the vigilantees, shitheads, and police that I'm concerned with.
  • The loser, known as " The Shithead " is the last player left in the game.
  • Under most rules the shithead's only role is to deal the next set of cards.
  • The LP was produced by Joey Shithead, vocalist of a Canadian band D . O . A ..
  • If I'm an admin and I block somebody, he may very well call me a shithead.
  • In his biography by Walter Isaacson, Jobs, very unkindly, called Raskin " a shithead who sucks ."
  • The Underground Out of Poland, based on material handed over to Shithead, was released in 1987 by Maximumrocknroll.
  • Now, the runners up in the Leonard Maltin game are allowed to name one shithead as a consolation prize.
  • I was so shit-scared of that shithead that I shit-talked him into dropping out of the karate match !"
  • However, his driver is actually being impersonated by Shithead, Rictus'right-hand man, and the Professor is murdered by him.
  • In 2000 the album was re-issued on lead singer Joey Shithead's own label Sudden Death records for a native Canada release.
  • "' Once Just "'is a three piece rock band with reggae, hip hop and Joey " shithead " Keithley.
  • When I returned, I received a wikimail from VM, calling me a shithead and making a reference to Molobo getting annoying when encouraged.
  • Joe " Shithead " Keithley of D . O . A . composed new music for the show called " Hard Core Logo : Live ".
  • After the show, the Canadians met with Dezerter, and Joey Shithead offered to take band's recordings to North America, to try to publish them.
  • 19 months after D . O . A . broke up, Joey Shithead and Wimpy Roy had reunited as D . O . A in the summer of 1992.
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