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English-Hindi > shitty

shitty meaning in Hindi

shitty sentence in Hindi
1.Next up, you would a made a shitty lawyer ."

2.The ones I find with a google search seem really shitty.

3.It is possible it will remain a shitty stub for years.

4.The article has a shitty title and should be Wikified.

5.Things may be shitty, but they'll get better ."

6.Thus, attacking such a dog is a rather shitty thing to do.

7.Anyway, there's some serious trouble for some shitty little country.

8.I must say that the English Wikipedia is doing a tremendously shitty job.

9.:: My shitty wikipedia standing has absolutely no bearing on this issue!

10.It is just shitty researchers doing shitty research.

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