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English-Hindi > shock absorber

shock absorber meaning in Hindi

shock absorber sentence in Hindi

धक्का रोधी
प्रघात अवशोषक
प्रघात अवशोषी
रबड फीट
shock    सदमा बिजली का झटका
absorber    अवशोषक अवशोषी
1.Another use is as a shock absorber to damp out water hammer.

2.Those who will spend extra money for coil springs with shock absorbers.

3.The car has good shock absorbers, and the man was very slight.

4.The flexible steel axles work as shock absorbers during taxiing and landing.

5.Shock absorbers were of the lever type for the early years only.

6.The later 502 model had a full fork with motorcycle shock absorbers.

7.We've had to learn what shock absorbers I liked for this tire.

8.The forward and rearmost road wheels are equipped with hydraulic shock absorbers.

9.The worst problem, however, occurred in August when a shock absorber failed.

10.Luvax shock absorbers were fitted, the rear ones adjustable from the dashboard

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a mechanical damper; absorbs energy of sudden impulses; "the old car needed a new set of shocks"
Synonyms: shock, cushion,

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