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English-Hindi > shoring

shoring meaning in Hindi

shoring sentence in Hindi
1.And Bavasi supposedly brought in Lachemann to shore up that pitching.

2.There are houses, restaurants and Minit Marts along the shore.

3.In it, Shore ( " Encino Man,"

4.The contacts signal to the smugglers from the shore with lights.

5.The Beach Trail snakes for nine miles along the northwest shore.

6.Nevertheless, some Cubans escape detection and make it to shore.

7.It has been an ideal summer here on the Jersey Shore.

8.We have to get our offensive-line protection shored up,

9.Not far from shore, it was rammed by another ship.

10.At each port of call, several shore excursions are possible.

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the act of propping up with shores
Synonyms: shoring up, propping up,

a beam or timber that is propped against a structure to provide support
Synonyms: shore,

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