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English-Hindi > shrinkwrap

shrinkwrap meaning in Hindi

shrinkwrap sentence in Hindi
1.However, the court declines to comment on the general issue of shrinkwrap licenses.

2.I guess ShrinkWrap follows the same logic.

3.With ShrinkWrap under MacOS, I could:

4.Many of those records ( still in the shrinkwrap ) were stored by Owens for decades.

5.Instead, Lexmark relied on  shrinkwrap licenses,  and restrictive notices accompanying the products.

6.ShrinkWrap, by Aladdin Systems, is a $ 30 disk-image program for Macintosh users.

7.From artwork to shrinkwrap, add $ 3, 000 more to have 1, 000 CDs made.

8.The $ 68.44 book is in brand new condition, possibly still in the original shrinkwrap.

9.A "'clickwrap "'shrinkwrap, the user assents to the software terms enclosed within ".

10.It seems only a few Mac applications can still expand ShrinkWrap images; Stuffit Expander can, but only in the Mac version.

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