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English-Hindi > silcrete

silcrete meaning in Hindi

silcrete sentence in Hindi
1.Quartz and quartzite predominate the earliest unit with few occurrences of silcrete.

2.Although it is hypothesized that it is groundwater silcrete, its origin remains unresolved.

3.Silcrete was widely traded throughout the region.

4.During 70-74 ka unit, silcrete has replaced quartz while quartzite is still fairly dominant.

5.Aside from quartz and silcrete, the other materials are unknown on how they got to the location.

6.The Wilton Industry is primarily characterized by microliths and hafted tools, often made from chalcedony or silcrete.

7.Eurobodalla Coast Tourism notes that the Congo area was a major source of silcrete, used to make stone tools.

8.Fire was used for heat treatment of silcrete stones to increase their workability before they were knapped into tools by Stillbay culture.

9.These landforms are characterized by strongly developed soils that usually have a relatively impermeable layer ( claypan or silcrete duripan ) in the subsoil.

10.The original owners quarried local silcrete and basalt to produce tools; hammer stones were used to create sharp blades, axes and other stone tools.

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