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English-Hindi > skittishness

skittishness meaning in Hindi

skittishness sentence in Hindi
1."I haven't seen any skittishness from donors.

2.The first person plural also provokes a certain skittishness in newsrooms.

3.Calpine is not the only company hurt by investor skittishness recently.

4.This type of skittishness trickles down into designs, many women say.

5.Investor skittishness could continue for the next few months, he said.

6.It just highlights some of the skittishness in the markets.

7.So the trainers focus on the colt's reputation for skittishness.

8.Veteran Estes observers waited for skittishness, a painful unraveling.

9.Gazeta's skittishness about the story may be extreme.

10.Do you have any skittishness about the nude scenes in the film?

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