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English-Hindi > slam dancing

slam dancing meaning in Hindi

slam dancing sentence in Hindi
• स्लैम नृत्य
slam    ज़ोर से पटक देना
dancing    नाच नृत्य
1.Moshing ( Slam Dancing ) is typical at hardcore shows.

2.For those about to slam dance, this cassette salutes you ."

3.You might not be able to slam dance against one another, though.

4.Call it a slam dance by El Tanque.

5.Of the 13 Navratilova-Evert Slam dances, nine needed a third set.

6.She must have spotted me trying to pass off slam dancing as swing dancing.

7.In 1986, the band collaborated with composer Richard Band on the Slam Dance ".

8."It was the first time I ever saw slam dancing, " he says.

9.Success is measured in part by audience participation : stage diving, crowd surfing and slam dancing.

10.The slam dance style common in the California punk scene of the early 1980s is very popular.

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