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English-Hindi > slammer

slammer meaning in Hindi

slammer sentence in Hindi
1.The most popular slammers bear the word poison or a skull.

2.Watkins said, holding up an O . J . Slammer.

3.For three years Tyson rested and rusted in an Indiana slammer.

4.What I really like are these ( NHRA ) door slammers.

5.He also did jail time, 10 months in the slammer.

6.FunEmath : Whoa, are you in the slammer, too?

7.Harry seems to be working his way back to the slammer.

8.The Chang Thailand Slammers won the 2011 ASEAN Basketball League Championship.

9.Two key aspects contributed to SQL Slammer's rapid propagation.

10.There is contention as to who found " Slammer " first.

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