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English-Hindi > slapping

slapping meaning in Hindi

slapping sentence in Hindi
1.I start to write again but stop, slapping the keyboard.

2.Like the hand-slapping and all of the other gyrations.

3.Americans want a big, peppy, back-slapping guy.

4.I remained calm, but my slapping hand got real itchy.

5.That might discourage some cop from automatically slapping bracelets on you.

6.Payne exclaimed, rolling her eyes and slapping the kitchen table.

7.Korzhakov shot back by slapping a lawsuit on Yeltsin for slander.

8.Optimism is one thing, but nobody is slapping on sunblock.

9.Her friends panicked, shouting at her, slapping her face.

10.My game is slapping the ball around, a speed game.

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