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English-Hindi > slash pine

slash pine meaning in Hindi

slash pine sentence in Hindi

स्लश पाइन
slash    कट देना काट फाड़
pine    देवदार सनोबर चीढ़
1.Slash pines snapped and felled live oaks turned roads into obstacle courses.

2.After decades of aggressive harvesting, the 1960s saw reforestation efforts again plant slash pine.

3.The habitat has been converted to silviculture of slash pine.

4.The paper industry encouraged growth of loblolly and slash pines.

5.The forest is currently undergoing a reforestation from slash pine to the native longleaf.

6.In southern Brazil, it has been recorded in plantations of slash pine ( " Paran?

7.They planted the wrong kind of trees _ common slash pines instead of longleaf pines.

8.We also had wood ducks in the slash pines.

9.The majority of the area is sandhill and upland mixed forest, with some slash pine.

10.The forest was felled for its timber and replaced by faster-growing loblolly and slash pines.

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