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English-Hindi > slashing

slashing meaning in Hindi

slashing sentence in Hindi

• द्रुमावशेष स्थल
• निर्दय
• रूखा
• कड़ा
• बेरहम
1.Seconds before, Foote got away with a slashing of Nedved.

2.His slashing drives and physical defense made him an instant favorite.

3.Others lifted earnings by slashing costs and pushing out local competitors.

4.Lotus has responded by slashing the price of its software package.

5.It cites four slashing wounds across the baby's neck.

6.Then there's the slashing " Salvation ."

7.But slashing welfare does not create stable jobs or raise wages.

8.Apple South responded by slashing costs, which hurt customer service.

9.The key is reducing the budget deficit without slashing public investment,

10.In a slashing, hammering performance, Bronfman takes no prisoners.

as if striking with slashing blows; "his slashing demon-ridden cadenza"

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