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English-Hindi > slews

slews meaning in Hindi

slews sentence in Hindi
• ढेर सारा
1.Slew of Damascus is dangerous anytime he can get the lead.

2.This winter's slew of cancellations means premiums will soar.

3.A slew of you responded with some neat places in cyberspace.

4.We have a whole slew of new products out this quarter,

5.Outtakes, vocals only, a whole slew of studio debris.

6.The campaign has won a slew of awards besides the Clios.

7.The blood of the monsters he slew stained the ground red.

8.Campbell charged that Muller had " slew-footed"

9.The slew of 1997 propositions is by no means a record.

10.A slew of two-game series now dots the schedule.

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