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English-Hindi > slightness

slightness meaning in Hindi

slightness sentence in Hindi
1.The very slightness of their collaboration seems fitting.

2.Even in 1937, critics remarked on the slightness and sketchiness of the book.

3.The film's many strengths cannot make up for this Tess'emotional slightness, though.

4.The slightness of much of his subject matter could make Wolfe's stylistic flourishes seem excessive.

5.Writer-director Zhang Yang handles his tale with a delicacy that makes you overlook its slightness.

6.The winning young cast, clever dialogue and hang-loose tone help us see past the film's inherent slightness.

7.Hoby was a very small boy and grew up to be nicknamed " the little knight " for his slightness and short stature.

8.But " Birthday Girl, " for all its slightness, makes you eager to see what he'll do next.

9.His far-slightness in this project and in the establishment of green revolution led to the self-sufficiency of food in India.

10."A Midsummer Night's Dream " and " The Tempest " ) that end up underscoring the novel's slightness.

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the property of an attractively thin person
Synonyms: slenderness, slimness,

smallness of stature
Synonyms: delicacy,

the quality of being unimportant and petty or frivolous
Synonyms: pettiness, triviality, puniness,

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