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smasher sentence in Hindi

"smasher" meaning in Hindismasher in a sentence
  • In 1968 Spalding launched an aluminum racket, called The Smasher.
  • Smasher was only capable of downloading one superpower at a time.
  • The midday position was filled later in 2005 by Atom Smasher.
  • She was featured in the 2008 documentary film The Atom Smashers.
  • Of course, the chair smasher showed initiative and drive and ambition.
  • Modern accelerator / smashers regularly achieve trillions of electron volts.
  • We lost our hotel smasher-upper ( Moon ),
  • Anarchists present themselves as the smashers of rules and hierarchies.
  • This brings Smasher in direct opposition with Captain America's group.
  • Alongside the Thing and Atom-Smasher, brother of the original.
  • Nukus got word of the news and had Les draw Monster Smasher.
  • Only a 35-yard Gerrard smasher was going to change that.
  • The Flag-Smasher used terrorism to spread anti-nationalist sentiment.
  • Sean uses his Mega Smasher to put Crane out of his misery.
  • Chennai Smashers won the tournament after beating Mumbai Rockets 4-3.
  • Later, a fight between the Flag-Smasher and Ara�a was described.
  • The smasher has yet to do its ultimate deed.
  • It includes collaborations with Smasher, Griminal, Brutal, Chipmunk & Devlin.
  • The Ghostbusters fight The Subway Smasher, a monster formed from subway trains.
  • "Record smasher Anwar has proved me right, " he said.
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