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English-Hindi > smithy

smithy meaning in Hindi

pronunciation: [ 'smiði, 'smiθi ]  sound:  
noun plural: smithies   
smithy sentence in Hindi
1.Goat Gill and Smithy Beck provide further drainage on this side.

2.Additionally, Laurence Hobbs was cast in the role of Smithy.

3.There is a former smithy in Llansaint, and two pounds.

4.A witness to Smithy's attack on Devlin comes forward.

5.After a heavy drinking session, Kerry and Smithy slept together.

6.There was also a butcher's shop and a smithy.

7.The smithy was moved to Crosshands and the building still survives.

8.Smithy is now prepared to make further use of this evidence.

9.It was also a typical Smithies moment, colleagues say.

10.As a child, Smithies spent much of his time building things.

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a workplace where metal is worked by heating and hammering
Synonyms: forge,

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