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English-Hindi > snare

snare meaning in Hindi

pronunciation: [ snɛə ]  sound:  
verb past tense: snared   verb past participle: snared   noun plural: snares   verb present participle: snaring   
snare sentence in Hindi
1.Maybe it 's a ploy to snare the SMS-savvy youth , maybe it isn ' t .
शायद वे एसएमएस पर भरोसा करने वाली युवा पीढी को रिज्हना चाहते हैं .

2.But already the fates were laying a snare for him and the days of irresponsible and overflowing happiness were numbered .
लेकिन उनकी नियति उनके लिए पहले से ही एक फंदा बिछा चुकी थी और दायित्वविहीन और प्लावित प्रसन्नता से परिपूर्ण ये दिन बहुत कम समय के लिए थे .

3.The story of his success after snaring the hottest property in the game came to a screeching halt following the events of 2000 and a critical report by a consultant to Doordarshan , Arun Agrawal .
उसके बाद उनकी सफलता की कहानी 2000 की घटनाओं और दूरदर्शन के परामर्शदाता अरुण अग्रवाल की रिपोर्ट के बाद अचानक रुक गई .

4.Sachish who believes that human love is a snare tries to avoid her but cannot help being conscious of her .
सचीश यह विश्वास करता है कि मानवी-प्रेम भी एक फंदा ही है.वह दामिनी की भरसक उपेक्षा करता है लेकिन वह ऐसा कर नहीं पाता क्योंकि वह उसकी ओर से पूरा सचेत है .

5.Many species of caddisworms are gregarious and construct their nests in tents often blocking irrigation channels ; these tents serve also as snares for trapping the prey .
चेललार्वों की अनेक जातियां झुंडों में रहती हैं और अपने नीड़ तंबुओं में बनाती हैं जिससे प्राय : सिंचाई की नालियां बंद हो जाती हैं.ये तंबू शिकार फांसने के जाल का भी काम करते हैं .

a trap for birds or small mammals; often has a slip noose
Synonyms: gin, noose,

strings stretched across the lower head of a snare drum; they make a rattling sound when the drum is hit

a surgical instrument consisting of wire hoop that can be drawn tight around the base of polyps or small tumors to sever them; used especially in body cavities

a small drum with two heads and a snare stretched across the lower head
Synonyms: snare drum, side drum,

something (often something deceptively attractive) that catches you unawares; "the exam was full of trap questions"; "it was all a snare and delusion"
Synonyms: trap,

entice and trap; "The car salesman had snared three potential customers"
Synonyms: hook,

catch in or as if in a trap; "The men trap foxes"
Synonyms: trap, entrap, ensnare, trammel,

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