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sociopathic personality sentence in Hindi

"sociopathic personality" meaning in Hindi
  • Sociopathic personality disorder, which had been the term for psychopathy, was renamed Antisocial Personality Disorder.
  • He said Rivas lacks a conscience and shows signs of an anti-social or sociopathic personality.
  • He is not any kind of sociopathic personality.
  • His character is famous for presenting several tendencies of a sociopathic personality including, manipulation, lying, and aggression.
  • Such professionals, or a well-trained CI officer, may recognize signs of sociopathic personality disorder in potential double agents.
  • He is forced to live in SL 27 while Raines uses negative reinforcement to warp him into a sociopathic personality.
  • But Hitler's art, like his life, is destined for mediocrity and anonymity, which is the one thing his sociopathic personality cannot tolerate.
  • Still, due to his love of violence, sociopathic personality, and loyalty to Esteban, his presence remains an everlasting threat towards the family.
  • However, despite his sadistic and sociopathic personality, Rom�ozinho isn't pure evil and has been known to occasionally use his mischief for noble and selfless reasons.
  • However, the series also drew negative criticism from comic book reviews as well, particularly on the character Jack Horner and his detestable, selfish and sociopathic personality.
  • An unintended side effect of the merge was Kai absorbing Luke's personality traits, such as his compassion and empathy, which have tempered his own sociopathic personality.
  • Her major study on the subject was published in 1966 under the title, " Deviant Children Grown Up : A Sociological and Psychiatric Study of Sociopathic Personality ."
  • The American Psychiatric Association created a diagnosis of'Sociopathic Personality Disturbance'in the first edition of its Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders in 1952, which included four subtypes dubbed'reactions'; antisocial, dyssocial, sexual and addiction.
  • Justice Stephen G . Breyer asked whether it would be constitutional for a state to keep an armed robber, identified by " many psychologists " as having a " sociopathic personality, " in a mental hospital.
  • Homosexuals were also referred to as psychopaths under the broad definition then in use; the American Psychiatric Association in the first Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders in 1952 would list it under'sociopathic personality disturbance '.
  • The first version of the American Psychiatric Association's " Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders " ( DSM ) in 1952 did not use the term psychopathy as a diagnosis, but " sociopathic personality disturbance ".
  • The first edition of the DSM in 1952 had a section on sociopathic personality disturbances, then a general term that included such things as homosexuality and alcoholism as well as an " antisocial reaction " and " dyssocial reaction ".
  • The diagnostic category of " sociopathic personality " in early editions of the " Diagnostic and Statistical Manual " ( DSM ) had some key similarities to Cleckley's ideas, though in 1980 when renamed Antisocial Personality Disorder some of the underlying personality assumptions were removed.
  • The dyssocial personality type was relegated in the DSM-II to " dyssocial behavior " for individuals who are predatory and follow more or less criminal pursuits, such as racketeers, dishonest gamblers, prostitutes, and dope peddlers . ( DSM-I classified this condition as " sociopathic personality disorder, dyssocial type " ).
  • At a time when homosexuality was still listed as a mental illness, a sociopathic personality disturbance according to second edition of the APA's " Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders " ( DSM-II ), published in 1968, Fryer was the first gay American psychiatrist to speak publicly about his sexuality.
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