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sociopathic sentence in Hindi

"sociopathic" meaning in Hindi
  • They may be sociopathic _ they certainly are willing to kill.
  • There is something almost sociopathic about the young criminals here.
  • "They have no sociopathic traits, " she said.
  • Crime researchers acknowledge that it is not linked with later sociopathic behavior.
  • Ignorant people defend people whose behavior is quite correctly characterized as sociopathic.
  • Arguello called Mantria a Ponzi scheme operating with " sociopathic greed ".
  • It's simply a pathetic attempt to mine entertainment from sociopathic deviance.
  • Keaton avoided the usual actorly approach of immersing himself in sociopathic criminal trivia.
  • Her sense of romance is outdone only by her sociopathic need for fame.
  • The Chameleon returns to New York more sadistic and sociopathic than ever before.
  • This is when her sociopathic nature began to surface.
  • He is nearly sociopathic in his ability to relate to his victims ."
  • He is also known for his sociopathic tendencies and sado-masochistic lifestyle.
  • There are some homeopathic remedies involving garlic that to Americans verge on the sociopathic.
  • He is not any kind of sociopathic personality.
  • But murder is impulsive, obsessive or sociopathic.
  • This is the sociopathic level of this industry,
  • Tyson's history of sociopathic behavior is well-known, you say?
  • Look, the facts are that King and Kennedy were killed by sociopathic losers.
  • SCHOOL-SLAYINGS-WEST PALM BEACH _ Is my kid a sociopathic loser?
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