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sock it to sentence in Hindi

"sock it to" meaning in Hindisock it to in a sentence
  • Or maybe that someone decided it was time to sock it to them?
  • Estonia wants to sock it to America.
  • On the wall of the 60s living room were posters that said " Sock it to me,"
  • He socks it to the public employee unions in a roundabout way, and he saves a lot of money,
  • Sock it to'em : Nick Van Exel and Derek Fisher won't mess with a good thing.
  • But he would sock it to the tobacco industry, raising taxes on cigarettes to help pay for tax cuts elsewhere.
  • In the'60s, " Laugh-In " spawned " Sock it to me !"
  • Richard Nixon did a " Sock it to me " bit on " Laugh-In,"
  • Moss recorded a few songs musically, including the 1969 song'Sock it to'em, soul brother '.
  • June released numerous tracks in 2016, including the full-length mixtape " Sock It To Me ".
  • Prime Minister Jim Bolger appeared in a television ad exhorting the Black Magic crew to " sock it to'em ."
  • On the other hand, Darwinists will be gratified to see Gaia and her stellar opposite numbers sock it to an unconcerned mankind ."
  • The Phoenix Suns seemed to be just about ready to turn the corner on the Houston Rockets and sock it to the defending NBA champions.
  • Cuba was one of the key architects behind the emerging " Billboard " charts with the song " Sock It To Me Baby ".
  • Think of Richard Nixon's ( ouch ) " Sock it to me ! " cameo on " Laugh-In ."
  • The union is in litigation mode, hoping to get an arbitrator to sock it to the owners where it hurts the most : in their portfolios.
  • "The original name I had for " Work With Me, Annie " was ` Sock It to Me, Annie, "'
  • The real point is that he tried to sock it to college students, has already socked it to college students, and is certain to try again.
  • Sock It To Voter Fraud, " said, " the Senate has been so partisan it has become difficult to get to the truth ."
  • In 1967 Ryder had another top ten hit with " Sock It to Me, Baby ! ", which was banned by some stations as too sexually suggestive.
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