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socle sentence in Hindi

"socle" meaning in Hindisocle in a sentence
  • The remaining socle is a popular meeting point for skateboarders.
  • Minimal submodules can be used to define the socle of a module.
  • This is easily seen by applying the characterization using the finitely generated essential socle.
  • The high concrete socle was painted white.
  • An exterior restoration in 1910 gave the church a new copper roof and a sandstone socle.
  • Karaindaa own eleven-line socles, depicting both male and female deities holding water jugs.
  • Both of these socles are ring ideals, and it is known they are not necessarily equal.
  • It has a socle plinth that supports a pedestal, and two rows of sculptures on the wall.
  • The station's walls are covered with white ceramic tiles with a pink socle near the tracks.
  • The statue rests on an oval socle carved with lotus petals, and is one with the socle.
  • The statue rests on an oval socle carved with lotus petals, and is one with the socle.
  • They ornamented the socle of Desjardins'standing sculpture of Louis XIV, which was melted down at the Revolution.
  • It has a symmetrical fa�ade which is divided by socle to make up for the steep slope of the street.
  • It was in the form of a free-standing triumphal arch constructed in white marble with granite columns on high socles.
  • It is 9 metres tall with an interior spiral staircase, and stands on a drumlike socle that lofts it to 25 metres.
  • Thick cubic shaped pylons are faced with dark red marble " seliyeti ", " rest " on a laboradorite socle.
  • At the midpoint of the bridge is a socle with stone cross, where a wooden image of a crucified Christ is situated.
  • Although such roofs were also found in the Early Helladic site of Akovitika, and later in the Mycenaean towns of Gla and socles.
  • The presbytery is connected with the nave by the stone pointed triumphal arch sitting on the profiled socle with reciprocally cut deeply channelled tracery.
  • If a group G is a finite solvable group, then the socle can be expressed as a product of elementary abelian p-groups.
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